Top 4 Agricultural and Farming Attachments Every Farmer Should Have

Agriculture is perhaps the oldest socio-economic activity known to man. The rearing of crops and animals is a practice passed from generations to generations and as the years go by innovations and advancements in the field has seen the development and manufacture of agricultural and farming attachments that provides efficiency, improves productivity and makes farm management smilingly easy.

There are many agricultural and farming attachments available in the market today. In fact, it seems like there is always a tool for every task that makes it easier to handle. Machinery and equipment used in agriculture range from just a few dollars to the thousands of dollars, actually it’s not odd to see a farmer investing quarter a million dollars for just a few supplies. This however does not mean that you have to spend big to find the items you need. Dealers such as  stock variety of supplies that are available for all kinds of budgets. Small-scale farmers can get small sized equipment that will handle their needs while the large-scale farmers will get the same equipment in bigger sizes.

Farmers looking to invest in new machineries or aspiring farmers looking for agricultural equipment, from your list of supplies there are four must-have attachments that should not miss; these equipment are:

1.   Tractor/Utility vehicle

A tractor is a very important piece of equipment. It is versatile and can be used for multiple tasks including;

–      Mowing

–      Digging

–       Baling hay

–      And sometimes hauling other farm equipment


In addition, tractors can be used for all seasons in whatever of ground. Its big tires, low center of gravity and light weight, a compact tractor is stable on the ground and can be counted upon on any heavy work.

If you have a big budget then a utility vehicle is also good for your farm. It allows you to move from point A to B fast and easy. Moreover, you can use it to haul produce, farm animals and supplies.

2.   Buckets

Buckets are just as important and can be used for multiple purposes. Grapple bucket for example can be used to easily collect and move silage. On the other hand, the sifting bucket will pick produce with ease. There are various types of buckets all with different uses. When picking one, determine your need and what you intend on using it for.

3.   Lifting attachments

Lifting is a non avoidable task on the farm. Many times you will be required to lift heavy loads to great heights for example stacking up hay or storing equipment. In such cases a lifting jib will come in handy as it is capable of reaching out to extreme heights.

4.   Silage handling attachments

There are various options available. You can invest in equipment such as;

–      Silage rotor

–      Pit silage grab

–      Silage shear grab

–      Silage shark bucket grapple among many others

How you decide to handle silage and the amount you have for investment will determine the kind of equipment you can get.

In conclusion, these are just some of the must-have attachments for your farm; of course you can be having other equipment needs that are more pressing but whatever agricultural and farming attachments you want to invest in, has it.