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Schools in Doreen – Find the Best School for Your Kid

Educational institutions are faced with some unusual situations in the day to day management of their schools or colleges. Imparting academic education is obviously the main responsibility. But there are many administrative issues that crop up. This recent report, in, is about a parking problem outside an educational institution in Doreen. Parents come to drop and pick up their children and park their cars creating chaos and also discomfort to people driving through the road and who have nothing to do with the institution. There may be other schools in Doreen, facing similar problems, but the local councils usually hold parleys will all stakeholders and come up with the solutions. This ensures that the schools carry on their principal activities unhindered.

Good Education and Beyond

School education has been a subject of discussions at even the highest levels of government. This is because what is taught to the children between the years 5 and 15 can matter a lot throughout their lives. The kids learn from their teachers at school; they learn from their parents also almost around this period. Then the surroundings, their peers and seniors at school and college and of course, from whatever happens around in the society. The schools in Doreen study the education needs of their students and while one set of the faculty will be busy teaching the premier subjects according to the syllabus, there will be a set of staff to teach them the other aspects that can build them into responsible citizens. The results of the faculty’s efforts and the students’ ability to grasp what is taught to them are reflected in the marks the students’ score each year. But the real assessment of the school’s contribution to creating smart young citizens gets known only after they leave the school and find a career and grow in it.

Parents Have a Lot of Queries

Before seeking admission for their kids in any school, the parents would wish to know the school’s history, the education stream being offered, extra-curricular activities and the facilities available within the school. In terms of the stream, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is preferred by many students, since it gives them one of the prestigious international qualifications and also gives them the opportunity to pursue higher education overseas more confidently.

Extra Curricular Activities

There is a lot of emphasis in Australia and particularly in schools in Doreen, to make the children take a lot of interest in all kinds of activities beyond their classroom education. In keeping with the very Australian ethos, in which sports and outdoor activities are a huge component, the co-curricular and extracurricular activities are systematically built into the students’ academic calendar. Study these in advance, visit websites like and if you still have doubts, set up an appointment with the school’s Principal and take a tour. Do take your daughter or son along so that the kid will get a feel of the atmosphere.

Schooling given to children, especially at the secondary level carries a lot of importance for their career and future, and parents make the best efforts to check the background of the school before admitting them.

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