How to Securely Recycle Computers and Other IT Equipment

Do you have an old computer at home that you no longer use? Perhaps, you updated to a higher end model and you do not know what to do with the old one? You might want to consider computer recycling. There are a lot of companies that offer secure computer recycling Melbourne has today that can help you with this dilemma. If your old computer was used to process sensitive or confidential data in the past, this is yet another reason to not simply throw it away.

Below are some of the ways in which you can protect your old data when you find secure computer recycling in Melbourne: 

  • The first step that computer owners do when they look want to get rid of their old computers is to delete old files from your computer. However, simply clicking delete and emptying your computer’s Recycle Bin is not enough. Expert IT individuals can still get access to a copy of those files even when you have already deleted them. Hence, you need to find secure computer recycling Melbourne has to offer that will use advanced and sophisticated technology to overwrite the data on your computer’s hard drive. Once this data has been overwritten, it will make it impossible for your old data to be recovered by others.
  • Identity theft is one of the biggest concerns in this digital-driven society. Hence, the possibility of having your personal and financial information stolen from you is possible when you do not recycle your computers securely. ECOACTIV experts who perform secure computer recycling Melbourne has today prevents this from happening by wiping the drive. A degausser is one program or tool that is used even by government agencies to protect confidential information. It can be quite expensive to buy a degausser, which is why it is often used by businesses or companies that handle sensitive data all the time. When the data reaches the end of its life, they use this tool to avoid the data being accessed by the wrong hands.

  • When all else fails, physical destruction is the way to go. This traditional method is employed by companies that offer secure computer recycling in Melbourne. When the hard drive or the hardware is destroyed, there is no way to access the data that is contained in it. It is, therefore, a reliable method to use if you want to keep your data secure from possible access by an
    unauthorized user. To maintain an eco-friendly recycling method, you should re-use any other parts of the computer that are still functional. The computer parts such as the keyboard, mouse and the monitor are those that do not relate to containing private data. Hence, you can recycle them without any worries whatsoever. It is the hard drive and the CPU that is most critical in the recycling process since they are directly involved with the data processing and storage.

Protecting your data when you dispose of your old computers and IT equipment is the main concern. However, doing so in a clean and green manner is also important. You want to choose secure as well as eco-friendly methods on how  to re-use your old and pre-loved computers. For that you can visit, https://www.ecoactiv.com.au/secure-computer-destruction-disposal-recycling-collection-melbourne/ to learn more about the methods used by one of the top Melbourne secure computer recycling services.

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