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’13-’14 #UNHSocial Student Team

samantha gorskiName: Samantha Gorski
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: English Education
About Me: Graduating from the Classical Magnet School in Hartford, Connecticut I first came to UNH as a sophomore in high school for a regional theatre festival. Since then I’ve been in love with this campus. Coming here was probably inevitable without that sophomore trip considering my family heads up to the White Mountains every summer. I’m currently living in Fairchild Hall and doing a semester of student teaching at Oyster River High School.  I’m obsessed with British TV shows and John Green novels.
Favorite Spot on Campus: It’s a tie between Union Court and the Dairy Bar, they are the perfect spots to study, snack or simply people watch when you’re procrastinating for that big exam!
emily rafteryName: Emily Raftery
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Family Studies
About Me: I had a lot of school spirit at my high school in Kingston, NY, so naturally that feeling of school pride only intensified when I came to UNH. I love being involved! I’m currently a part of two student organizations, Rotaract and Peterson Hall Council. On weekends I can be found around campus cheering on our Wildcats at athletic events or hanging out with friends. I also love reading, writing, baking desserts, & crafting. After I graduate from college, I hope to work in a school with middle school age kids.
Favorite Spot on Campus: The space in between Murkland, Dimond Library, and T-Hall because it always inspires me to study and get my homework done!

UNH Tales Student Bloggers

Sarah McVerry

Name: Sarah McVerry
Major: Physical Education
Graduation Year: 2015
About Me: I’m a Junior from Middlebury, CT and I love to be busy and involve myself in as much as I can. I am a musical theater minor and a member of Alpha Phi sorority. This is my first blogging experience so I’m so excited to have yet another great opportunity at UNH!
Favorite Spot on Campus: KIN PED Computer Lab or PCAC practice rooms–you can usually find me in one of those two places at any time of the week!

Denise Barstow

Name: Denise Barstow
Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Recreation Management & Policy
About Me: I love to be busy; I always have a ‘to do list.’ I’m a very active member of the Campus Activities Board (CAB). UNH is my home away from home in western Massachusetts, I love it here!
Favorite Spot on Campus: The CAB office in the MUB. It’s my go to place to get work done and to just hang out.

Lisa Meets-Brandsma

Name: Lisa Meerts-Brandsma
Graduation Year: 2014 (UNH Graduate School)
Major: Fine Arts in Writing
About Me: I grew up in Guilford, Connecticut, but found my place in the world while living in Durango, Colorado, and wish it were my hometown.
Favorite Spot on Campus: While not holed up in Hamilton Smith, she loves to ride mountain bikes at Kingman Farm

Will Lombard

Name: Will Lombard
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Theater (Musical Theatre and Secondary Education)
About Me: I’m from Malden, MA, which is just 15 minutes outside of Boston. I first visited UNH the summer going into my senior year of high school, and instantly fell in love with the school. I came in as a theatre major, after dancing for 16 years and acting in musicals for over 10 years. I’m currently living in Alexander, wishing every second that they allowed AC in dorms. I am a very social person (at least online), as you can tell if you follow me on Twitter (@WillLombard,
if you were wondering.) I am a huge Red Sox, The Office and Big Bang Theory fan. My lifelong dreams are to be on the TV show “Big Brother” and to win a Tony Award.
Favorite Spot on Campus: You can usually find me dwelling around the MUB pool room, the PCAC or in Serc B (because my friends live there and they have AC. Who would pass up free AC in the late August heat?)

Kristi LeClerc

Name: Kristi Leclerc
Graduation Year: 2014
Major: Sociology
About Me: New Hampshire born, Maine bred. Assistant hall director, orientation leader, avid Tweeter, Pinterest addict, future student affairs professional, blogger-in-progress, coffee guzzler, book-lover, traveler, pop culture buff, leader. Obsessed with UNH!
Favorite Spot on Campus: HoCo at rush hour – I love people watching and seeing friends!


Name: Tom Spencer
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Journalism
About Me: I am a contributing writer for TNH. I was born in New York, but I’ve lived in New Hampshire most of my life. I am looking for freelance writing opportunities. I was very involved in the Boy Scouts of America and I am an Eagle Scout.
Favorite Spot on Campus: College Woods


Name: Renee Picard
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Business Administration
About Me: Originally from West Hartford, CT, I decided UNH was the best place for me to spend my next four years figuring out who to be. A big fan of the arts-theater, singing & dancing. I have been dancing for most of my life and have done a range of all types: ballet, jazz, hip hop, even belly dancing & ballroom! I love to ride my bike, Zumba, ice skate, and I’m a big sitcom fanatic! Can’t wait to see the best of this campus and it’s students. I hope to make the best of these next few years!
Favorite Spot on Campus: Under a tree on T-hall. It’s a perfect place to read, play on my laptop, talk with friends, or just take in the scenery and rest!

Rachel Afrow

Name: Rachel Afrow
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders
About Me: First year student from Middleton, Massachusetts – I love dancing, baking, watching movies, & hanging out with friends.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Lower quad circle – During PrOVES week, we had reflections there on a nightly basis and they allowed everyone to get to know one another more personally through stories, experiences, comments, and of course, giant group hugs!

Eliza Sneeden

Name: Eliza Sneeden
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Undeclared
About Me: I’m a freshman from Exeter, NH and I’m excited to be at UNH and figure out what it is that I’m really passionate about. Although I tend to change my mind a lot, I have a consistent love for writing and being outside during any season!
Favorite Spot on Campus: Thompson Hall Lawn

Melissa Proulx

Name: Melissa Proulx
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Political Science
About Me: My home town is Bow, New Hampshire. Last year, I went to school at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont as a professional writing student, but after deciding to switch majors I chose to transfer. Now, I’m a political science student here at UNH, and I’m happy to be here. I’m hoping to use my degree to benefit human rights causes, either by becoming a politician or by joining an organization such as Amnesty International. My hobbies include writing, poetry & painting.
Favorite Spot on Campus: I love my apartment in the Gables because it’s a fantastic place to relax while drinking hot cider and watching American Horror Story. I also enjoy going to the Holloway Commons dining hall, because the food is really good. I definitely recommend trying the green bean casserole if you haven’t already.

Danica Melone

Name: Danica Melone
Graduation Year: 2017
Major: Zoology
About Me: I’m from Hollis, NH and my dream job is helping endangered animals, or even animal rehabilitation, however now I’m working at a local farm stand! I love sports and being active and I played lacrosse all through high school. I can’t wait for the games at UNH!
Favorite Spot on Campus: Not totally sure yet, I’ll be an incoming freshman this fall… but I’ll let you know!


Name: Samantha “Sam” Lemovitz
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: Medical Laboratory Sciences
About Me: I’m a Junior from Worcester, MA and I’m always up for doing something new and fun. I’m currently involved in Kappa Delta and Campus Cursive! I enjoy anything beach related, hanging out with friends, and going for long random walks. I also have a weird obsession with Asian food (or just food in general) and drinking tea. Though Worcester is home, Durham will always have that special place in my heart no matter where I go. I love UNH!
Favorite Spot on Campus: First floor Dimond library or the little area in between the library, Murkland and T-hall.

Samantha Friedman

Name: Samantha Friedman
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: Political Science
About Me:I’m a Junior from Connecticut, but currently live in Maine, who likes long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain (seriously, I do). My passion is politics, but I can’t resist a good shopping trip or cup of coffee. This is my second year blogging for UNHTales, and I have loved chronicling everything from my trip to the Career Center to my love of HoCo cupcakes! I am traveling across the pond to fulfill my dream of studying at the London School of Economics for a year. While I while certainly miss UNH, I’m looking forward to this new, exciting chapter!
Favorite Spot on Campus: 5th floor quiet room in Diamond Library… but for catching up with friends, nothing beats HoCo!

Megan Wade

Name: Megan Wade
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: Psychology
About Me: I’m an exchange student from the University of Toledo in Northern Ohio, coming to UNH on a whim with the National Student Exchange Program. At my home campus I’m involved in Camp Adventure, which is a program that allows me to travel and work with military children around the world. I plan on becoming a Military Clinical Psychologist (I’m actually already going through the process of joining the Army) and work with Soldiers with PTSD and their families.
Favorite Spot on Campus: Foreign Language Department hallway in Memorial Field House at The University of Toledo and the leather chairs on the 5th floor of the library are on point for taking naps.

Sophie White

Name: Sophie White
Graduation Year: 2015
Major: English Literature and Political Science
About Me: I love being outside – whether I’m hiking, snowboarding, going to the beach, or reading a good book in the sun – I’m happy. Despite my roots as a Mainer, I adore UNH and enjoy meeting people and experiencing new places.
Favorite Spot on Campus: T-Hall Lawn

Jacob Lehoux

Name: Jacob Lehoux
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Economics
About Me: I grew up in Portsmouth just 20 minutes down the road from UNH. I love being outdoors and playing basketball. I love it at UNH and hope to study abroad during my time here.
Favorite Spot on Campus: My favorite place on campus is my dorm because all my friends live around me.

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